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EndoAssist - intuitive camera control in endoscopic surgery

EndoAssist is a robotic manipulator for the endoscope used in minimally invasive thoracic and abdominal surgery. The unique “head movement” control is fast and reliable, providing the surgeon with total control at a glance.

Provides a tremor free picture, enabling safer surgery and allowing more delicate procedures
Puts the surgeon back in control of the camera movement, enabling faster less stressful procedures
Releases an assistant for more productive and rewarding activities
Provides benefits in cardiothoracic, urological, bariatric and general surgery disciplines
Key Features & Benefits
Clinical Papers
EndoAssist Brochure
EndoAssist Technical Specification Sheet
EndoAssist Quick Reference Guide
Endoassist Datasheet for Thoracic Surgery
Endoassist Datasheet for Laproscopic Surgery
EndoAssist Quick Reference Guide  (French)
EndoAssist Quick Reference Guide  (Spanish)
EndoAssist Accessory List
EndoAssist Sterilisation Procedure Guide
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