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Prosurgics works with surgeons throughout the world to provide improved surgical outcomes. Through a superior understanding of our customers’ needs we apply our technology to provide them with practical tools to achieve better results for their patients.

Our current products are focused in the new and expanding disciplines of image-guided and minimally-invasive surgery. Through their use, our customers can realise the following benefits:
More precise navigation
Less invasive procedures
Shorter recovery times
Better patient outcomes
Enhanced patient safety
superior cost-effectiveness
EndoAssist, the endoscopic positioner and manipulator is used by surgeons in cardiothoracic, urological, general and gynaecological surgery.

PathFinder, the intelligent robot for neurosurgery, is redefining the standard of care in stereotactic procedures.

We have a strong new product development pipeline, including solutions that will provide improved outcomes in orthopaedic surgery.

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